Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Birthday Cupcakes

Posted by: Maggie

I used a boxed mix and canned frosting for these birthday cupcakes, but I wanted to post photos anyway to provide decorating ideas to anyone who happens upon the blog :)

Left to right: Reese's chunks (I froze regular sized Reese's cups and chopped into sixths), mini-chocolate chips, Cookies & Cream (I pulverized Oreo cookies in food processor, mixed with vanilla frosting, and topped with an Oreo half), Vanilla icing piped on with a star tip, topped with nonpareils.

Left to right: Mini-chocolate chips again (The missing cupcake was the result of the Heath bar chunks not working, and completely causing the icing to slide off), Chocolate frosting with nonpareils and M&M decoration, Multicolored nonpareils, Vanilla frosting with M&Ms (I would recommend using minis if you can find them - the regular sized were way too heavy and those cupcakes turned out a bit messy looking)

Some close ups:

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