Saturday, May 12, 2012

Important ABK News: Goodbye, from Annie

Posted by: Annie

Over two years ago when Maggie asked me if I wanted to start a cooking blog with her, I knew very little of the food blogging world. At that point I was only a reader of a handful of food blogs, but was ecstatic to collaborate with my sister and create one of our own. Sharing a food blog with Maggie has been a terrific experience. I have tried cooking foods that I never would have attempted if it weren't for this website pushing me out of my comfort zone. I also have learned about the benefits of natural light when photographing food, and the importance of a very, very steady hand when focusing a camera.

I started working on this blog when I was still in college, and it was with me as I moved to Philly to work my first teaching job, and back to the Jersey Shore, as I started my second teaching job. Unfortunately for me, this is where my blogging journey will end. As I come to the end of my second year of teaching, I plan to return to the classroom this summer, not as a teacher but as a student. As of May 21, I will be pursuing my Masters Degree in History, and while I will not be completely overwhelmed with teaching and graduate school until September, I have decided to step away from A Bitchin' Kitchen because I will not be able to give much attention to the blog.

I have already told Maggie, that in typical little sister fashion I will make sure to find a way into her posts, and who knows - maybe will guest blog a recipe or two. Thanks for a great experience, and stay tuned for continued greatness from Maggie!!!


  1. Aw, best of luck to you with your studies, and kudos for going back!!

  2. Good luck with your MA! This is all very exciting. We'll miss you, though :) Have fun.

  3. Annie,

    Congrats on going back to school, good luck on your studies. I'm sure everyone is going to miss you :)


  4. You will be missed. Good luck at school!

  5. Aw Goodbye Annie, and Good Luck with your Masters!! xx


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