Monday, July 2, 2012

4th of July Recipe Roundup

I don't have a new recipe for you today.

This isn't due to kitchen laziness. I do most of my blog-related cooking on the weekend, but thanks to Mother Nature being a royal pain in the tookus, I could not. You see, there were crazypants storms in the DC area on Friday, and as I type this on Sunday evening, I have no power, and am sitting in a hotel room drinking beer while huddling next to an air conditioner that is spewing out 65 degree air. I'd be remiss not to mention that it has been 100 degrees here for 3 days. Clearly my efforts to escape the heat go far beyond sitting still in the dark like a normal person.

Since my name isn't Laura Ingalls Wilder, and I haven't yet figured out how to cook with fire or cure deer meat or do whatever she did to nourish herself, I have no new recipe today, and I am giving you some 4th of July recipe ideas from my archives instead.

Please pray that my power comes back soon. I'm a major germaphobe, and hotels frighten me. Whenever I stay in a hotel, I put the remote control in a plastic baggie and use it through the bag. That way germs can't get to me. It's science.

Now for some regurgitated content!

Are you barbecuing this weekend? May I suggest making these scrumtrulescent green chili cheeseburgers?

Maybe you're not the burger type. That's cool, because you can make barbeque pulled pork sandwiches. Is it just me, or is pulled pork total summer food?

Of course it wouldn't be a BBQ without some kind of cold salad. This spicy pasta salad that's full of chipotles and smoked gouda is one of my favorite recipes of all time.

Lastly, you really need a dessert with some patriotic colors. This summer berry tart is super tasty. 

For my American readers, happy Independence Day, and I hope these recipes help you plan your menus. For my international readers, happy random day in July! I hope you eat something tasty even though it's a regular day for you. I hope to be back soon with some new content, as soon as I have electricity and can cook again! 


  1. What?! No deer-meat-braised-over-the-fire-recipes?! =) Your Laura Ingalls Wilder reference totally made my day. =) Hope your power is back on, by the way. We had horrible storms in TN last year + were without power for 5 days. It was horrendous - lost everything in the fridge/freezer, had to stay in a hotel (with our dog, which was weird), etc. Sending good vibes your way!

  2. I hope that you got your power back and aren't still stuck in the germy hotel room. We just got power on after 87 hours out and we sadly, stuck it out at home instead of getting a room. All the hotels were booked by the time that we reached our limit so we didn't want to drive all the way out to Fair Lakes since my husband still had to make it into work.

    1. Thanks - I got it back today, thank goodness! I was all the way out in Springfield at a hotel, and I work downtown. Fortunately I was able to work from my room! Glad you guys got your power back on too!

  3. Glad you got your power back! I hate roughing it out of my norm. Your recipe suggestions looks fantastic! Have a great 4th.

  4. Everything looks too yummy and delicious!!


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