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Cheddar, Chive, & Jalapeno Biscuits {AND Blast from the Past Black Bean Soup!}

Cheddar, Chive, & Jalapeno Biscuits

Want to know how to make a delicious and cozy fall meal? Of course you do.

First, make a pot of my incredibly easy black bean soup, and while it's simmering away on the stove, whip up a batch of from-scratch biscuits. These biscuits are beyond delicious. The dough is full of good stuff - chives, spicy jalapenos, and sharp cheddar. I'm thinking these would also be a great base for a breakfast sandwich - just add a fried egg and some sausage or bacon.

This black bean soup is a recipe I posted way back in the early days of my blog (excuse the horrendous accompanying photo...clearly my photography skills are a work in progress.) I've probably made this soup more times than any other recipe on A Bitchin' Kitchen. It's easy, flavorful, healthy, cheap, and filling. It's one of the first things I make each fall when the weather starts to cool down. The linked recipe is great as is, but feel free to make it your own by sauteing some jalapenos or bell peppers and throwing them in, adding corn, or throwing on fun garnishes like cheese, chopped avocado, or sour cream.

As you probably know, soup only gets better when it's leftover, but these biscuits actually reheat surprisingly well too. As much as I wanted to, I did not eat all 9 biscuits when I made these, but was pleased to discover that if you wrap one in foil and heat in a 300 degree oven for about 10 minutes they're almost as good as a fresh biscuit. When you cut these biscuits, make sure not to twist the cutter when cutting the dough. This "seals" the sides of the biscuit, and it won't achieve its maximum height. It helps to have a nice sharp biscuit cutter - this is the set I use, and I love them. 

One more thing: this is completely unrelated to anything I've said in the preceding paragraphs, but I found this video a few days ago and can't stop watching it. Dear fellow Insta-grammers, please enjoy:

Here's what you'll need:

3 cups all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
4 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
3/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
3/4 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup cold buttermilk, plus more for topping
1 egg
4 ounces sharp cheddar cheese, cut into small cubes
1 jalapeno, diced (I left the seeds in; remove the seeds if you're not a fan of spicy food)
3 tablespoons minced chives
3/4 cup unsalted butter, cold, cut into small cubes
Coarse sea salt, for topping

Arrange oven racks to the middle position and upper third position. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.

Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper and set aside.

In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, sugar, baking powder, cream of tartar, and salt.

In a small bowl, whisk together buttermilk and egg.

Stir together the cheddar cubes, diced jalapenos, and chives. Set aside.

Add the cold butter to the flour mixture. Using a pastry blender, cut the mixture together until it resembles coarse meal and the butter is well incorporated.

Add the cheese mixture to the flour mixture, and thoroughly toss. Make a well in the center of the flour mixture, and pour in the buttermilk mixture. Use a fork to combine, until a shaggy dough forms.

On a lightly floured service, knead the dough for 6-10 minutes. Form a 1 1/2 inch thick disc, and cut biscuits using a 2 1/2 inch circle cutter. Re-form the dough scraps and cut additional biscuits until all the dough has been used. I got 9 biscuits.

Place the biscuits on prepared baking sheets. Brush tops with buttermilk, and sprinkle with coarse sea salt. Bake for 13-17 minutes, until light golden on top and cooked through.

Source: Biscuits adapted from Joy the Baker Cookbook: 100 Simple and Comforting Recipes by Joy the Baker

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  1. OMG..That video was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!
    Love the soup and totally scrumptious biscuits

  2. I could eat biscuits every day for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy. Especially with jalapenos. And especially with that soup topped with jalapenos!


    1. You and me both! I had to freeze the rest of these to stop myself from eating all of them!

  3. This is the best meal! I cannot wait to try your biscuits. Your soup is just fantastic!

  4. Making these tomorrow night with ribeye steaks! Thank you!


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