Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Green Chile Chicken Soft Tacos

Green Chile Chicken Soft Tacos

I've extolled the virtues of tacos approximately ten million times.

I'm about to do it again.

Not only are these tacos crazy delicious and packed with flavor, they're super quick to make. Listen you guys. I am seriously the slowest human being on the planet in the kitchen. My knives are about as sharp as Kim Kardashian, and my slightly OCD nature means I spend way too much time doing things like scrubbing vegetables, and cleaning and cutting the nasty bits from chicken. I saw this earlier today, and #15 totally spoke to me.

Despite all that, I still managed to make this recipe in 20 minutes flat. A normal person will probably make it in 15 minutes.

One final item unrelated to tacos: I'm typing this post in public, and someone near me just sprayed himself with half a bottle of Axe body spray. Since it's kind of illegal to physical harm strangers for being stupid, I'm complaining to you guys. If I never blog here again it's because I'm in jail for spraying him in the eyes while informing him that Axe is for prepubescent boys and Jersey Shore cast members.

Rant over. Go forth and make tacos.

Green Chile Chicken Soft Tacos

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